“Somos una comunidad privilegiada, con una belleza única en el planeta, con actividad turística amigable

con el ambiente y queremos compartir con nuestros visitantes”.

Welcome to Asomobi

The Association of Organized Women of Biolley is comprised of 36 members, and offers several services to visitors: lodging, meals and guided tours of amazing local attractions. We also offer the best local honey and premium coffee that we harvest, process, and package for sale at a great price.

  • About Us

    Formed in 1997 by a group of valiant ladies from the remote community of Biolley, members of the association aim to improve the lives of their lives of their families as well as those in neighboring communities in the buffer zone of La Amistad International Park.

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  • Enterprising Women

    ASOMOBI is comprised of 37 women who know how to protect and benefit from the beauty and characteristics of the area.

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  • Tours

    We offer tours in which you can learn about coffee production, and the history and daily life of Biolley. You can also enjoy bird watching and other wildlife viewing opportunities, and take hikes to waterfalls and through the forests of the Parque Internacional de La Amistad (International Friendship Park).

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  • Volunteering

    Are you interested in volunteering in a rural community in the South of Costa Rica and meeting, living, and working with the friendly and caring people of Biolley?

    We are happy to welcome young people and adults from around the world to volunteer with us for a few days up to several months!

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Asomobi is a national example!

Visitors have expressed interest in the history of this group of women who run the coffee processing facility and lodge. Traditionally, the coffee business in Costa Rica has been in the hands of men, never women. Therefore, the fact that these women have taken the risk to establish a small business that today enjoys success in a remote, rural community is part of what makes Biolley an interesting and unique place to visit.

  • Products

    Our group of women produces sustainable, high-quality coffee in our own micro-processing facility where we also roast and grind the coffee. Artisanal products made by members and their families are also for sale, such as jewelry, postcards, wine, beer, honey and jams. Read more
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