Frequently Asked questions

  • What do I mean by “sustainable coffee”?

It is sustainable because it contributes to the conservation of land and environment. This is planting coffee bushes that are mixed within agroforestry systems, which provides habitats for native flora and fauna. These diverse systems also allow producers to generate income from various sources. Thus reducing its economic dependence on this fruit and in turn becoming increasingly sustainable properties, particularly when market volatility reduces prices. This coffee is a crop that is compatible with nature, and among other practices, an organic fertilizer is produced on the farm where seedbed coffee, and is started or removed (by hand, utensils, other supplies) the noxious weed crop avoiding the use of herbicides. In fact the coffee farm that provides us the fruit is a fully sustainable farm. This is because we are committed to the natural beauty that surrounds us.


  • Does the accommodation include bedding or is to be worn? Is there one individual or shared rooms?


Yes, it includes bedding. We are building individual rooms which will be ready soon. If you leave your email address with us we can be in communication about hosting and inform you when room are ready


  • Do the tour guides have sufficient knowledge in the area to reassure tourists?

Of course our guides are fully knowledgeable about the area, plus are certified. They know what to do and how to do it before each trip and will give the necessary instructions for all to enjoy our tours, safely and without complications. Everything is in the hands of experts.