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Cerro Biolley Coffee

Cerro Biolley Coffee is both sustainable and of excellent quality, and is said to be among the best in the country. Our coffee is pure Arabica and 100% processed by us, the women of ASOMOBI. Coffee is produced on our members’ farms, which, like our processing facility, have been awarded the Bandera Azul Ecológica certification (Ecological Blue Flag, or BAE). This award signifies to consumers that our coffee is grown and processed following good environmental practices.

We offer four lines or qualities of coffee:etiqueta-café-gourmet-cara-2017

1. Gourmet Coffee is available in 250 gr. (8.8 oz.) deluxe packages, ground. This package includes two separate bags: 125 gr. of dark roast and 125 gr. of light roast. These coffee beans are hand-selected, one by one, both before and after roasting. These decorative packages make ideal gifts for loved ones or souvenirs to take home.
Price: 7000 colones (approx. US$12).etiqueta-café-premium-cara-2017

2. Premium Coffee is available in 350 gr. (12.3 oz.) or 1 kg (2.2 lbs.) packages, ground or whole bean. Premium coffee is 100% top quality. These perfectly ripe beans are picked in the middle of the harvest.
Price: 3300 colones (approx. US$6) and 9000 colones (approx. US$16), respectively.

etiqueta-café-oro-cara-20173. Gold Coffee is available in 250 gr (8.8 oz.), 350 gr (12.3 oz.), 500 gr (1.1 lbs.), and 1 kg (2.2 lbs) packages, ground or whole bean. Gold coffee is a blend of 80% first quality and 20% second quality beans. This is our most popular offer.
Price: 1800 colones (approx. US$3), 2300 colones (approx. US$4), 3300 colones (approx. US$6), and 6000 colones (approx. US$10), respectively.etiqueta-café-economica-cara-2017

4. Economy Line is available in 250 gr (8.8 oz.) packages, ground. We created this line thinking about our company’s ability to serve the community. This coffee is a mix of the first and last harvests, providing good quality at a price that is accessible to all.
Price: only 900 colones (approx. US$1.50)

Café-premium-2017Coffee can be enjoyed and purchased in our store at the Cerro Biolley Lodge in Biolley, Buenos Aires, Puntarenas in southern Costa Rica.

You can also find our coffee, with “The Seal of Women”, in several stores across the country.

We would like to thank all of our long-time customers and everyone who comes to visit us, enjoy our coffee with us, and take home our star product, Cerro Biolley Coffee.

We do not currently sell our coffee internationally. However, we gladly send small orders (price + postage) to other countries. For any questions, email us at


Creaciones BiolleyCreaciones Biolley-pulseras-2017

We, Giselle and Yanure, are sisters and members of ASOMOBI. In 2006, thanks to a training we received from INA (The National Institute of Learning), Creaciones Biolley-almohada-2017we learned how to make beautiful handcrafted jewelry.

From there, we decided to start our own business, Biolley Creations. We make a wide variety of bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and key chains from beautiful seeds, beads, and threads.
Creaciones Biolley-aretes-pulseras-2017We incorporate a macramé technique that is popular among people of all ages. We also make pillows, bags, and other crafts.

Our products are made with love and dedication to satisfy you, our customers.

Follow us on Facebook: creaciones.biolley.


Reciclarte – jewelry and crafts made from recycled materials

Reciclarte-juego-de-semillas-2017We, Geovanna and Ángela, two members of ASOMOBI, formed our own company in 2015: Reciclarte. Recently, another member, Merlyn, Reciclarte-llaveros-2017joined us and together we make jewelry and crafts.

Our motivation was to use the ASOMOBI recycling area and to reuse some of the waste materials that are generated in our organization and in our homes, such as cans, magazines, and plastics. We transform these materials into jewelry and crafts.

We offer these creations to visitors at ASOMOBI. We have necklaces, bracelets, and earrings (sold together or separately) made with colorful beads from recycled paper. We also reuse second-hand jewelry pieces and combine them with beautiful seeds from the region, as shown in these key-chains. Reciclarte-pulseras-2017We incorporate coffee beans into our creations, as well.

We have products for everyone, from children to adults. Be assured that all of our creations are unique and made with love.

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