Enterprising Women

ASOMOBI is comprised of 37 women who know how to protect and benefit from the beauty and characteristics of the area. Nine of them belong to the group of fifteen founders of the project.


Foto-Hortensia-quadratisch-1Hortensia Loría Sibaja

“I am a founder of ASOMOBI; I have climbed every step of our organization. Being here, I have grown as a person and I have seen our families grow. I always want the best for each and every one of us.

I enjoy a good conversation, going out for walks, being in nature, watching the rain fall and the sun rise, and of course being with family is the most beautiful thing.

At the moment, I am the President of the Board of Directors and I also work on the Products Committee.

ASOMOBI has done a lot for me. It has given me self-esteem, security, a fighting spirit, perseverance, and, for a long time, employment. It is a school that has taught us to fight, to live together, to tolerate and help one another, and to think about our own endeavors.

In the future, I see our organization strengthening and growing day by day as far as God allows, giving way to new generations that will continue in our footsteps but with fresh ideas, making use of technology, and keeping our great organization alive.”


Foto-Laura-quadratisch-1Ana Laura Quirós Montoya

“I consider myself a very strong woman. I am a mother of seven and have lived in Biolley, Buenos Aires, since 1990. I love nature, hiking, and enjoying good wine.

I started with ASOMOBI 20 years ago as a founding member. For me, ASOMOBI has been a very important part of my life. I am very proud to be involved in this organization, which has provided me with many wonderful things. I was a very timid woman, but with ASOMOBI, I learned to fight for what I want. My self-esteem grew and I realized that we women matter a lot. We can achieve our dreams if we fight for them.

ASOMOBI taught me that together, we can improve the wellbeing of women and our families. United, we can continue developing our community.
I see a great future for ASOMOBI in which it generates more opportunities for families as a company that is socially, environmentally, and economically stable.”


Foto-Carmen-quadratisch-2Carmen Arauz Cabrera

“I am a primary school teacher and I work at the school in Jabillo, Potrero Grande. I live in Biolley close to ASOMOBI. My husband’s name in Jimmy Ureña and we have two daughters, Samanta and Alegría. In my free time, I like to hike, read, and relax.

In addition to being a teacher, I am proud to be a founding member of ASOMOBI. Over the past 20 years, we have fought for ASOMOBI; we dreamed and dreamed, and we also worked and worked so that the day would come when we would have our own business. It has not been easy and we have faced many obstacles along the way; at times we felt that we might fail. However, with a positive attitude and the support of all our members, we overcome these difficulties, continue forward, and improve each day.

I am very active within the organization. I work on the Tourism Committee and am also secretary of the Board of Directors. Personally, ASOMOBI is an example that with shared dreams and collaboration with family and with God, we can accomplish anything and feel assured that as women, we are capable of doing anything we set our minds to.”


Foto-Geovanna_quadratisch_2Geovanna Sibaja Sibaja

“I am happily married and have three sons. We live in Biolley in front of ASOMOBI. I was born and raised here, and I love my town. I really enjoy cooking.

I am a founding member of ASOMOBI, and for years I have worked on the Board actually as Vice President.

ASOMOBI has made me a very strong woman and entrepreneur. I see this wonderful organization improving the quality of life for its members every day. For me, ASOMOBI is a great motivation and inspiration.”


Foto-Merlyn-quadratisch-1Merlyn Arias Madrigal

“I am a wife and a mother of two children, and I have lived in the beautiful community of Biolley since I was born. I like making handicrafts and gardening. I am on the board of ASOMOBI and I have worked in the roastery for four years. ASOMOBI has been a blessing from God for me and for my family.

I have been a member of ASOMOBI since 2001. Through the years, we have had our ups and downs, but we have endured by supporting each other like one, big family. Here I have learned that we can achieve our goals if we work with love and perseverance.

I hope that ASOMOBI continues forward and that in the near future we will have many people working in our company.”


Foto-Ileana-quadratisch-1Iliana Serracín Loría

“I am the daughter of Hortensia Loría, a founding member of ASOMOBI. Her enthusiasm and example motivated me to join ASOMOBI in 2001. I work as the Director of the Biolley School and I urge the children to use natural resources responsibly, promote conservation, and shine a light on our local culture and natural environment to encourage sustainable development. These are also objectives of ASOMOBI and together we will achieve our goals so that we can offer sustainable tourism for the benefit of our community and of the district. I am currently taking courses in the Sustainable Tourism Management program at UNED. Through this program, I am learning more about sustainable tourism in order to promote a project on our family farm and contribute more to ASOMOBI, where I am part of the tourism committee.

ASOMOBI inspires me to believe that we can accomplish our goals if we work with love and with enthusiasm.
I see ASOMOBI growing each day, providing opportunities for our young people, and continuing to be an example of the success of our projects.”


Foto-Ángela-quadratisch-3Ángela Serracín Loría

“Fifteen years ago, I returned to the place where I was born, to Biolley. I have been a part of ASOMOBI ever since. I love working creatively with my hands, and I am very happy here.

ASOMOBI is my second home. I started working in the roastery four years ago, and I spend most of my time here.

Working alongside my colleagues, I have learned to value teamwork. I have also come to realize that when one falls down, one must stand up again with even more strength and determination. Every day we can learn new things from each other and everything around us. I have learned that it is important to dream because with work, effort, and sacrifice, dreams can come true.

In the future, I see ASOMOBI as a completely consolidated company that offers more employment opportunities for women, inspiring them to grow, to value themselves, to learn that they are capable of empowering themselves, and to forge ahead – all this right here in our community of Biolley.”


Sami_quadratischSamanta Ureña Arauz

“I am a young professional and am currently the Executive Director of ASOMOBI. I studied Agribusiness Engineering and I live with my parents, Jimmy Ureña Quirós and Carmen Arauz Cabrera. My mother is one of the founding members of this organization and my father is one of the drivers of economic and social development in the Biolley District.

I consider myself to be a very active person. I like to participate in activities that help improve my community, but I also enjoy spending time at home with my family. I like to cook different dishes that are common in this area, but just to share with my family – they don’t always turn out perfectly!

I have been a member of ASOMOBI since 2006 when my parents decided that it was time for my sister and me to join. I think it was one of the best decisions they ever could have made for me. ASOMOBI helped shape my path and gave me what I needed – a guide to define my future. I have a deep admiration for the women who, against all odds, have been able to move this project forward since it began in 1997. Now it’s in our hands, the second generation, and we have to ensure that ASOMOBI continues to be successful into the future. It’s not an easy task, but I hope I can carry it on day by day.”



Giselle Solís González

“I am a mother and I live with my daughter and my husband in the center of Biolley. I have an adventurous spirit; I really enjoy outdoor activities and hiking in the forest.

I have been an active member of ASOMOBI for about ten years. I joined because I wanted to be involved in something and be part of my community’s development. Over the last nine years, thanks to ASOMOBI, I have learned a lot, mainly how to assert myself as a woman and feel that I am capable of accomplishing anything I set my mind to. Along with companions, my self-esteem and my desire to be useful have grown enormously. We have a very positive attitude about the development of ASOMOBI and we believe that we can do anything. For me, ASOMOBI is a place where we can build dreams until they become a reality.

In the future, I imagine ASOMOBI as a great company that continues to work under the principles of sustainable development, improving the quality of life of its members and strengthening the development of the whole town. I am very proud to be a part of this.”


Foto-Yanuri_quadratischYanuri Loría Fernández

“My name is Yanuri, I love my family and I like to make jewelry. I believe in God because of all the blessings he gives to me every day.

I feel privileged to be a member of ASOMOBI for 10 years already. It is an association which shows that with a lot of effort and endurance dreams can come true.
Furthermore, ASOMOBI has been and still is very important for me and my family because of all the benefits we received from it. It gave me a lot of enriching experiences which made me become a better person; it gave me more knowledge and strength.

I visualize ASOMOBI as a great, successful company, raising the quality of life of many families.”


Foto-Giselle-quadratisch-1Giselle Loría Fernández

“My name is Giselle Loría. My husband’s name is Ricardo and we have two children. I have lived in Biolley my whole life and I can’t imagine living anywhere else. I have everything I need here to be happy: my family and my friends. I like sewing, working in my garden, making jewelry, and going to soccer games in nearby towns. I also love dogs.

I have been an active member of ASOMOBI for 10 years and I am happy to be a part of this group. I wanted to join ASOMOBI to spend time with people and feel useful. Being with the other members has helped me socialize more and enjoy myself. I like that the other members respect me because this makes me feel fulfilled as an enterprising woman.

ASOMOBI is special because it gives us the opportunity to learn and develop our own dreams. When I think about the future of ASOMOBI, I imagine it as a very beautiful place and a great company where many of our families will work.”


Foto-Daniela-quadratisch-1Daniela Torres Quirós

“I am a free-spirited woman. I love to hike; I enjoy the fresh air and water of the rivers, and the mystery of the forests. I like to learn about natural history and biodiversity. Music, cooking, swimming, and bicycling are some of my favorite activities. In addition, I enjoy getting to know new people and places, and learning about the old customs and traditions of cultures around the world.

I have one daughter and I share all of my passions with her.

ASOMOBI was founded when I was 7-years-old. I am part of the roots of ASOMOBI and therefore part of its history. I am very proud to be the daughter of one of the founders, Laura Quirós.

This business emerged from great difficulties, from hard times when the women sought necessary solutions for their families and the community. Because of the strength from which it was born, I see ASOMOBI as a leader in community development through its integrated and productive activities and its respect for the natural cycles of the earth. ASOMOBI is a consolidated business in which all member have the opportunity to continuously work for it.”


Foto-Vera-quadratisch-1Vera Chanto Zamora

“I am a single mom with three beautiful children, and I love being a mother. I am very passionate about my work and about the earth. I enjoy watching the rain fall.

I have been a member of ASOMOBI since 2012. My current role is to work occasionally in the roastery and in the kitchen, and now I am also a part of the Products Committee.
Being a part of this association changed my life. ASOMOBI has given me the opportunity to grow as a woman. It has also improved my quality of life and has given me the opportunity to work so that I can improve the lives of my children.

ASOMOBI is special because we are a group of women with hopes for improvement and a desire to fight, grow, and open up new horizons for ourselves. It’s a place to dream, a place to believe, a place of opportunities where we can empower ourselves as enterprising women and feel secure in our lives.
In the future, I see ASOMOBI breaking more boundaries as a successful company, accomplishing goals and making new ones. I see it as a source of pride not only for our community, but also for our entire country.”


Foto-Alice-quadratisch-1Alice Trejos Chavarría

“I am the mother of three children, and I live with my two younger children and my husband in Roblito. I am a very active women; I like to hike and work in the fields. I also enjoy listening to music and spending time with my granddaughter.

I have been a member of ASOMOBI for four and half years. Some years ago, I had the wonderful experience of hosting volunteers in my house. It was very educational for my children and for me. Our family grew closer together and we learned a lot from our visitors.

One of the many characteristics that I would like to highlight about ASOMOBI is the fact that we all see ourselves as a family. ASOMOBI helps us to achieve our goals and helps us support our families financially by providing employment opportunities.

In the future, I imagine ASOMOBI as one of the main sources of tourism and work in the community. I think that it will go on to become a great coffee company recognized for its role in sustainable development.”


Foto-Kathi-quadratisch-2Katharina Schmid

“I am a student at Regensburg University in Germany. Currently, I am studying English and Spanish in order to become a teacher because I love working with children and learning different languages. In my spare time, I like reading, spending time with my friends, being outside and taking photos.

In 2014, I came to Biolley as a volunteer and one year later I went back to Germany, inspired by the people and in love with the place.
My time in ASOMOBI has shown me a lot about life in the Costa Rican countryside, the processing of coffee and about myself. ASOMOBI gave me many new friends who became family, as well as new experiences and a dream.

This organization is special because of the the people who are part of it. They are hard-working, fighting, intelligent and brave women. They go on studying and working in order to make their association grow, generating work for the people of the community and uniting them as a group.
In the future, ASOMOBI will grow further and make a lot of tourists fall in love with this place as well; just as it does with everybody else who makes an effort visiting this small section of the world – small, but wonderful.”


Foto-Marixa-quadratisch-1María Isabel Arias Rodríguez

“I arrived here in 1982. I came from El Carmen de Aguas Claras Upala on the border of the Guanacaste and Alajuela provinces in the foothills of the Mirovalles volcano. I got married here and I have three daughters who live and study in Heredia.

ASOMOBI has been a motivation for me because I have learned to apply myself and achieve my goals in life. I am a hardworking person, but before I did it without planning. Now I have been training in various fields, and my husband and I have had support for projects we’ve developed. In addition, my daughters received support in order to obtain scholarships for their studies.

I believe that ASOMOBI is fighting for our district to develop in a global way, but also to have an ecological balance. We are a well-structured group of young women, seniors, professionals, housewives, farmers, some heads of their households; we are women from different backgrounds, domestic and foreign. In the future, I believe ASOMOBI will grow even more by providing employment for the benefit and development of our families and the progress of the community.”


Foto-Grettel-quadratisch-1Grettel Arias Cordero

“I am a mother of a 6-year-old son. This year, I work as a cook in the school in Biolley. I live with my mother, my son, and my younger sister. I like to listen to music that has a positive message. I also like to sing and cook. I love the mountains and the beach, and I really enjoy going on trips with my family.

Right now, I am on the Board of Directors in ASOMOBI. I have been a member since April of 2016.

ASOMOBI changed my life because since I joined, I have seen many examples of women who, despite many difficulties, have carried on. I am learning day by day how to be an empowered woman, an entrepreneur, and a fighter who is moving forward along with my companions.

ASOMOBI is special to me because for many years the women of this organization have welcomed people like me with open arms. I have only been a member for a short time, but I feel as though I have a part of this group for many years. They have taught me many things and are very patient and positive.

In the future, I see ASOMOBI as a big and strong company that has even more members and that is moving ahead with its projects and goals.”